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passivhaus components

For a passivhaus building to function properly the components used must be of a very high standard and conform to rigorous testing. In order to ensure this high quality the PHI recommends the use of Certified components, such as windows and doors, mvhr systems, and insulation systems. This removes any uncertainty from the designer and client that a specified element will comply with the required performance standards.

certified components

In order to make building to the passivhaus standard easier to achieve the PHI has created a database of certified components, all of which it has independently tested under rigorous conditions to ensure compliance with their specified standards.

As the testing criteria for each type of product are identical this allows for an easy comparison between components. Sometimes certified components can be more expensive than equivalent non-certified components as the manufacturers have to spend additional resources to demonstrate compliance.

non-certified components

It is perfectly possible to construct a certified passivhaus and use no certified components, however the designer must take extra care to establish that the testing which the products have undergone meets the same parameters as the equivalent certified product, as manufacturer's often measure and state test data in alternative ways to the PHI requirements.