paper igloo architecture and design

Kitchen installation begins

December 14, 2015

Since we started this project we have wanted a German made Pronorm kitchen. We have specified this manufacturer on another 2 projects and we have always been impressed with the attention to detail and the build quality of the units, as well as the unique handle free design of their 'Y-Line' range. We have chosen a matt pale grey ('Xerox') door front for the island and rear wall, and a black wood finish for the section that sits in the 'inner box' to tie it into the adjacent joinery.

This time we sourced the kitchen from a supplier in Greenock called Affordable Luxuries who have been really helpful both during and after the design / installation process.

All of the glass drawer sides and accessories boxed, numbered and labelled for maximum efficiency during installation!

The units arrive pre-assembled...

Whilst we still have some bespoke joinery elements to construct and fit on the island, and we will likely have to wait for a while for the worktop / integral sink for financial reasons, here are some photos during the installation sequence.

After setting out the full height rear wall from the centre line we started fitting in one corner...

We have a recess for a free standing french door style fridge freezer, a single oven and a combination oven / microwave with plate warmer below. Above the fridge is a matching alcove for a speaker / display purposes.

Behind the sink unit we had to do some plumbing first fix before these base cabinets could go in... More on the extensive pipe insulation in another post! Each unit has a service cavity space at the rear which allows for surface mounted plumbing such as this, and which also therefore allows us to preserve both the acoustic and structural integrity of the load bearing wall behind.

Another few shots with the island units in final position and the appliances installed...


So we have a few side panels to fit, and some joinery to make for the island before the worktops can be templated, but this feels like real progress as it is one of the first 'finished' items to be installed!