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Overnight stay at a Passivhaus B&B!

June 6, 2013

A week or so ago we visited what we believe to be the UK's only certified Passivhaus B&B for an overnight stay - it was lovely!

Our stay at the passivhaus B&B between Totnes and Dartington Hall was only for one night but it was a lovely experience. Not only did it confirm our expectation that the MVHR unit was very quiet when in operation we were delighted to not be able to hear any noise from the outlet in our bedroom as it was completely silent - so silent in fact we couldn't even find it! The air felt fresh and clean in a natural way, and the bright and airy room was a lovely comfortable temperature.

Adam and Erica, and their son Aaron, made us feel very welcome and it was great to hear how much they are now enjoying living in their passivhaus home. 

We had some interesting conversations with Adam regarding the build process for them as the property was a partial refurbishment and partial new-build with little southerly aspect, so it sounds as though it threw up some interesting challenges along the way. Adam, in conjunction with Janet Cotterell (the architect for the project), has written a book about the experience, which can be purchased from his website, and amazon, etc. 

To top it all we also managed to fit in a meal at the local inn, resplendent with it's thatched roof, which was such a novelty for us to see!