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Mains water installation completed

May 1, 2015

We have now completed the installation of the mains water so here are a few photos showing the process of this…

The pipe came into our site underground in a 25mm diameter MDPE blue pipe. We then connected onto this via an external grade stop valve and created a branch prior to entering the house for the garden – for convenience later we contained the stop valve connection within a small 300mm diameter inspection chamber, which will give us clean, easy access in the future. (The small chamber next to the main inspection chamber.) We also took a branch off to the garden.

The water pipework is bedded and surrounded in pea gravel to ensure no large sharp stones can be pressed into it later as it is fully underneath our driveway and car parking areas.

The whole installation is then covered in Type 1 in preparation for the Terram geotextile membrane and driveway gravel later.